Hands On Trainer Unit: HOT MODEL 3 — Glycol Distillation Trainer

HOT MODEL 3 Glycol Distillation Trainer Schematics

The trainer is 60′ L x 12′ W  22″ H and built from welded, structural steel. It sits on an industrial grating work surface, and the process piping is welded and flanged. This hands-on trainer unit includes: 

  • Distillation tower 
  • Overhead condenser 
  • Overhead receiver 
  • Overhead and bottom pumps 
  • Reboiler 
  • Boiler Feedwater Pump 
  • Electric Boiler 
  • Boiler Feed Accumulator 
  • Safety Shower 

The HOT MODEL 3 comes with its own instrumentation: 

  • Industrial-quality gauges that measure:
    • Pressure
    • Level
    • Temperature
    • Flow
  • Gate, globe, swingcheck, safetyrelief, and ball check valves
  • Diaphragmtype control valvesand positioners
  • Flow and Pressure ControlLoops
  • Emerson Delta V DCS ControlSystem
HOT MODEL 3 - Glycol Distillation Trainer with Equipment

Training curriculum accompanies each HOT MODEL filled with exercises and procedures. This includes an operating manual which details operating procedures for startup, shutdown, emergencies, and exercises you can run students through on your hands-on trainer unit. 


Dynamic Process Simulation is available for the HOT MODEL 3, which encompass: 

  • Simtronics CPM-400 Process Model
  • Training Workbook
  • Virtual Field Operator
  • Virtual Training Environment
  • E-Learning
HOT 1 Training Materials

You can also extend the curriculum to supplement the standard learning objectives provided with the hands-on trainer unit. This includes process equipment animations that detail the inner workings of equipment and have drag-and-drop exercises along with quizzes. You may purchase these as an additional package, or you may purchase each piece a la carte with your Glycol Distillation Trainer. 

Systran is proud to provide these units to schools and companies across the United States through our partnership with Polaris. Each unit gives students the opportunity to gain real-world, hands-on experience in a safe learning environment; future operators get the chance to work on full-size industrial equipment with true-to-life instrumentation and DCS. In addition to these benefits, the curriculum and training aids are fully developed so that you can give all your attention to teaching rather than drafting complicated lesson plans. 


Through Systran’s partnership with Polaris, we work together with Simtronics to create simulations for the HOT MODELs. Simtronics focuses on hands-on trainer specific simulations and training aides while we here at Systran focus on animations, workbooks, and augmented reality simulations for the HOT units. 

Together, we provide dedicated training, service, and support located right here in Houston, Texas. 


The only things you will need to supply for your new hands-on trainer unit are: 

  • Concrete pad or building location for the HOT unit
  • Electrical supply of:
  • 480V 3phase (100 Amp)
  • 240V Single phase (50 Amp)
  • Makeup water supply for the unit
  • Dry instrument air
  • Forklift or crane for finalpositioning once the HOT unit is assembled


Proudly designed and built in the USA. 

Polaris HOT Unit FAQs

Systran currently offers 3 different Polaris Hands On Trainer (HOT) units for purchase: Fundamentals, Glycol Distillation, and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

Yes! Each unit comes with operating manuals, procedures, and exercises to help teach students in a controlled industrial environment.

They will learn startup/shutdown/emergency procedures, equipment/process troubleshooting, effective rounds, shift handover, equipment lineups, and energy isolation (through lockout tagout) of equipment and systems.

Yes! We can provide Simtronics dynamic process simulations with workbooks, a 3D virtual field operator, and Systran’s process equipment animations.